List of Cowon Global manuals

Cowon Global CW300 portable digital audio player

excellent sound, hassle-free operation, voice and FM recording, optional in-line remote, included armband.

Cowon Global CW200 portable digital audio player

A multi-functional portable digital audio device that plays MP3 files, which is a new format of digital compression that reduces the size of files tenfold while maintaining CD-level sound quality. iAUDIO can be used to record lectures or meetings.

Cowon Global JetAudio 5.0 multimedia player

This features an integrated multimedia software which is composed of single compact rack, It not only plays various music files but also has other major features such as music CD burning, recording of music files, conversion to other file mode, etc.

Cowon Global iAudio 4 mp3 flash player

It is a super mini portable digital audio device that plays various formats of sound files, including MP3. It also supports FM radio listening,recording, as well as voice recording and direct encoding through the built-in microphone and Line-In input.

Cowon Global iAudio M3 mp3 flash player

A slimmer design with 20GB hard drive, records from analog line-in source, microphone, or FM tuner, full-function in-line remote with display, comes with cradle, long battery life, Mac- and PC-compatible. USB 2.0 that supports download speed of 8.12.

Cowon Global iAudio U2 mp3 flash player

Excellent sound quality, small and light, eye-catching looks, FM, line-in, and built-in mic recording, equalizer and several sound effects, USB 2.0 support, no drivers necessary in Windows XP or Mac OS X.

Cowon Global iAudio5 mp3 flash player

Good sound quality, excellent voice and line-in recording capabilities. More storage space than most flash players.

Cowon Global iAudioG3 portable media player

MP3 Player with FM Radio and Voice Recorder takes MP3-quality to new heights with its proprietary MP3 chipset and industry-first MP3 file filtering and sound enhancement technology. Plays 50 hours of continuous playback on a single AA battery.

Cowon Global iAudioG2 mp3 flash player

The iAudio G2 delivers great sound quality and sound-enhancement options, plays protected WMA files, and features line-in recording.

Cowon Global iAudioF1 mp3 flash player

The flash-based Cowon iAudio F1 includes an FM tuner,recorder, voice and line-in recording, OGG support, excellent sound quality, and a compact, unique race car design.