List of Nokia manuals

Nokia NGage Mobile Gaming Phone

The N-Gage was developed to entice the market of gamers away from Game Boy Advance by including cellphone functionality. Its function includes multiplayer gaming with the use of bluetooth or internet via N Gage Areana service.

Nokia NGage QD Mobile Gaming Phone

The N-Gage QD improved the physical design of the N-Gage, it became rounder, smaller and the cartridge slot is more convenient. Some of the features such as MP3 playback, FM radio reception and USB connectivity were removed from the device.

Nokia 252 Mobile Phone

The Nokia 252 comes in many colors with many available changeable faceplate cover. It is compact and lightweight, with 2 hrs 45 min of talk time and 40 hours of standby time.

Nokia 282 Mobile Phone

Nokia lightest analog phone weighs only 4.5 ounces. Its folded design makes it compact and easy to carry. It has large easy to use screen, vibrating alert, profile that lets you quickly change your phone ring settings and they have many one-button shortcuts to save you time.

Nokia 638 Mobile Phone

Nokia 638 is an 8.3 ounce lightweight phone with 2hours talk time. The features includes a large easy- to- read 16 character display, four, one- touch function keys, abbreviated menu driven programming instructions that simplify activation and an automatic keyguard.

Nokia 918 Mobile Phone

Nokia 918 is a slimmer simpler analog handset that weigh 6.7 ounces with 75 minutes of talktime and 15 hours of standby time. This model introduced a three-button phone that allows user to dial 911, an emergency roadside assistance or an SOS operator.

Nokia 1100 Dual Band Mobile Phone

This entry-level, dual-band GSM phone sports a thin, stylish design and a built-in flashlight. Other features include a ringtone composer, 2 games, alarm clock, and internal antenna.

Nokia 1112 Mobile Phone

Icon based phonebook with simplified menu navigation, speaking alarm and clock, 20 chord polyphonic ring tones and MP3 grade tones. Monochrome display with white backlight

Nokia 1208 Dual Band Mobile Phone

The Nokia 1209 puts a colorful connection with ease. Its dust and splash proof with rubberized keypad and anti slippery back cover. Bright flashlight, time tracker, multiple phonebook and calendar

Nokia 1221 Mobile Phone

The Nokia 1221 is a basic cellphone with a bluetooth feature. It has 200 phonebook, changeable faceplate cover, and games.