List of Nokia manuals

Nokia 1260 Mobile Phone

The 1260 Nokia has a basic standard phone feature. Its an entry-level TDMA phone, internal antenna, custom ringtones, two-way text messaging, picture messaging and predictive text entry. The battery life is 3.8 hours talk time and 258 hours standby time.

Nokia 1261 Mobile Phone

The 1261 is a compact phone that features great email, text and picture messaging. Can save 5 picture messages, alam and snooze feature, 200 contacts, 35 ring tones and ability to download another 10 ring tones. Can adapt TTY/TDD with a phone adapter.

Nokia 1600 Mobile Phone

Small and light compact phone with 65,536 color screen, icon based phonebook, graphical demo mode for phone features, speaking alarm and speaking clock, 20-chord polyphonic ring tones and MP3 grade sound tones.

Nokia 2115i Tri-Band Mobile Phone

Small and light compact phone just 3 ounces that offers a standard cellphone features like 250 phonebook names, currency calculator, voice recorder, speakerphone, stop watch, calendar and a timer.

Nokia 2116i Nokia Shorty

The Nokia 2116i is a light-weight, compact, candy bar style features internal antenna, SMS, picture and T9 predictive text messaging with voice recording and memo recoding up to 60 seconds. Theres alam, calculator a stopwatch with a countdown timer, calendar and a phonebook with 250 contacts with multiple entries.

Nokia 2125i Nokia Shorty

The Nokia Shorty is the entry CDMA candy bar style mobile phone weighing 3.10 ounces internal antenna with 4.60 hours talk time, 211hours standby time and a 96 x 65 pixel.

Nokia 2126i Mobile Phone

The 2126i is a compact stylish colored screen with built in games and changeable faceplates.It stores 200 contacts in your phonebook, 34 built in ringtones plus 5 additional downloadable ringtones and vibrating alert.

Nokia 2128i Mobile Phone

The 2128i is a basic candy bar phone with features that include text and enhanced messaging, voice commands and dialing, speaker phone, a voice recorder, polyphonic ring tones, a wireless web browser and an assortment of organizer application.

Nokia 2135 Mobile Phone

The Nokia 2135, is compact and easy-to-use mobile phone with integrated speakerphone, 400 phonebook, 3.5 hour talk time and 11 days standby time. Assignable ringtones, built in calendat, voice recorder, 60sec audio notes.

Nokia 2160 Mobile Phone