List of Nokia manuals

Nokia 6086 Mobile Phone

The Nokia 6086 has a very solid design with one of the best keypads, user friendly design that includes bluetooth, a VGA camera, a music player, and a speakerphone.

Nokia 6100 Tri-Band Mobile Phone

The 6100 is a lightweight 2.68 ounces with a full 12 key keypads, 4-way scroll key that makes it easier for navigation. Support X-press on covers and is packed with any 4 colors. It has a 128x128 65,000 colour display, internet connectivity via GPRS.

Nokia 6085 Quad-Band Mobile Phone

The 6085 has 0.3-megapixel displays and VGA camera, Its stylish clamshell form with a memory slot card (microSD), Stereo, Bluetooth, and email capability. It is quad-band GSM/EDGE phone capable of global roaming.