List of Nokia manuals

Nokia 2160i Mobile Phone

Nokia 2180 CDMA Mobile Phone

Nokia 2180 supports both an 8 kbps and 13 kbps vocoder for exceptional voice quality and complies with the IS-95A and TSB 74 specifications. The Nokia 2180 supports features such as short messaging and caller line identification.

Nokia 2170 Mobile Phone

Nokia 2190 Digital Mobile Phone

The represented model works in digital PCS mode that is digital personal connection service and which allows better reception and signal transmitting. Another advantage of digital mode is call confidentiality and safety mostly because Nokia 2190 also uses SIM-card.

Nokia 2260 TDMA Mobile Phone

Get the basics covered and more with the Nokia 2260. This compact, affordable phone offers two-way text messaging and business card swapping as well as downloadable ring tones and colorful covers - finally, something the whole family can agree upon.

Nokia 2270 CDMA Mobile Phone

This entry-level CDMA PCS phone features changeable faceplates, custom ringtones, picture messaging, and dual antennas - internal and extendable - for optimum reception

Nokia 2285 CDMA Mobile Phone

This entry-level, dual-band CDMA phone sports a well-rounded feature set. Key features include 1xRTT high-speed data, voice dialing, voice memo, and wireless Internet browser.

Nokia 2366i CDMA Mobile Phone

Simple features and easy-to-use functions are all you need to stay connected. The 2366i has Bluetooth

Nokia 2600 Dualband Mobile Phone

Nokia first entry-level phone with a color display. Features include speakerphone, internal antenna, changeable faceplates, and a unique spreadsheet function.

Nokia 2610 Dualband GSM Mobile Unlocked Mobile Phone

Nokia 2610 has Nokia Xpress audio messaging function. The design is Ergonomic classic design with large display. It also integrates handsfree speaker. The MP3 ring tones and 24-chord SP-MIDI (Scalable Polyphony MIDI) can be used for incoming call alert. The phone also support WAP browser and email client.