List of Nokia manuals

Nokia 3660 Mobile phone

This features include integrated video/ digital camera, integrated bluetooth wirelss technology. It has 3.4 MB on board storage and a MultimediaCard expansion slot. Supports 65,000 colors for MP4 video playback. Has a high speed internet access.

Nokia 3650 Mobile phone

Has a high speed internet access. Support Jave-based downloads. Oversized display for MP4 video playback

Nokia 5100 Mobile Phone

The 5100 is a rugged design, water resistant, speakerphone with built in flashlight and thermometer. The rubber casing is designed to absorbed shocks including a seven foot drop onto a hardwood floor. It is also designed to withstand occasional splashes not immersion or constant exposure to water.

Nokia 5120 Mobile Phone

Nokia 5125 Mobile Phone

Nokia 5160 Mobile Phone

The Nokia 5160 is a small, lightweight phone and user friendly phone. The Navi Key provides quick, one-button access to features on a large, easy-to-read five-line screen, Its notable features includes 30 ring tones, automatic redial, speed dial and 100 phone book names.

Nokia 5165 Mobile Phone

The Nokia 5165 is an entry level to TDMA phone. It has changeable faceplates, built-in games, 100 phone book numbers, 2-way text messaging and custom ringtones.

Nokia 5170i Mobile Phone

Nokia 5180i Mobile Phone

The 5180i is a lightweight user friendly personal phone with impressive talk time and standby time. Changeable faceplates and 30 different ringers.

Nokia 5190 Mobile Phone Dual/Tri-band

The 5190 is a lightweight personal phone, user friendly with impressive talk and standby time. Its features with dua-triband mode lets you stay connected anywhere.