List of Sansa manuals

Sansa View videos in your pocket

The Sansa View is a sleek yet simple MP3 player with video capabilities, so you can enjoy your enjoy your favorite movies and shows while on the go. View photos and videos on the bright 2.4" screen, or relax with your favorite mp3s, audio books or even music from the built-in FM radio. There is a built in microphone for recording your own audio files.

Sansa Connect Mp3 Player internet radio on the go

give you a cd quality internet radio and lets you download it. Allows you to play back your videos on bright screen.

Sansa e200 series player

classic multimedia functionality in small package. Lets you listen to FM radio or add music with microSD.

Sansa c200 mp3

Compact and easy to use mp3 player with color screen. It can play mp3 subscription music and display photos on bright screen. It also has a microsc slot for additional memory

Sansa Shaker shake it to play

The Sansa Shaker features many ways to listen to and share songs. It has a built-in speaker to play your favorite music, and listen with your friends & family. Plus it comes with two headphone jacks. You also have the ability to play and share SD cards loaded with your favorite songs.Change songs on the Sansa Shaker by a shake.

Sansa Clip small size big sounds

The Sansa Clip is a tiny MP3 player that boasts an array of cool features, as well as distinctively big sound for its small size. Perfect for the fitness buff or traveler, the compact Sansa Clip featuers a fashionable clip for wearing anywhere, FM radio, voice recording, and a bright screen for exceptionally easy navigation of tunes.

Sansa Express cable less mp3

The Sansa Express is the world's first cable-less, Flash-based MP3 player with microSD expansion slot is an affordable, cable-free, MP3 and WMA player with a microSD expansion slot. It includes an FM tuner, a built-in microphone, voice and radio recording, a bright four-line OLED screen, and intuitive controls for quick navigation.

Sansa taketv tv, video player

The Sansa TakeTV system provides an easy and convenient way to enjoy video files from a PC on any TV. The system comes with a TakeTV player unit, which resembles a typical USB jump drive; a TakeTV remote control, which you can use to manage your favorite video files from across the room; and a TakeTV cradle for easy A/V connectivity with your TV. The cradle can connect to any TV that supports composite video, analog stereo, or S-Video A/V inputs.