What is überManuals?
überManuals is the ultimate resource for storing, finding and sharing user manuals.

How do I store my user manuals at überManuals?
It’s simple. Once you have your login ID and password, locate the manual you want on überManuals then click on the “add to favorites” icon at the top of the page where the manual is displayed. This will store the manual in your personal folder under “My Manuals”.

How do I clear unwanted user manuals from My Favorites?
Clicking the “x” after the user manual will remove the user manual from your favorites section.

I don’t see the manual I need – now what?
First, try adjusting your search terms again as the manual may be tagged under a different term. Second, you may email us to request for help in finding your manual. überManuals will attempt to locate the manual for you. Please note that we can not guarantee the success of locating the manual but will do our very best.

How do I upload user manuals?

You will need to have a login ID and password prior to uploading user manuals.

  1. Once you are logged in click on the “upload” tab on the main tool bar.

  2. Click on ‘review the guidelines’ and read this section prior to beginning the upload process to understand the terms, conditions and limitations of uploading any user manual. 

  3. Enter a title for your manual (i.e. “Sony Playstation 3 Console).

  4. Select a product type from the dropdown menu.

  5. Click browse to locate the user manual to upload (.pdf format only). 

  6. Click on ‘optional information’ to enter further information such as the Brand, Model Number and Keywords. The more information the better as this will make future searches for this manual much more effective.

  7. Click ‘Submit’. überManuals will process the upload and add the manual to the database (usually within 48 hours).

I’ve submitted my upload but don’t see my manual at überManuals- why?
überManuals’ goal is to maintain the highest quality resource for user manuals. In that spirit, user manuals are reviewed prior to being made available to others to enhance the user experience. Typically a user manual will be processed within 48 hours.

Can I store user manuals at überManuals that only accessible by myself?
Do to the nature of user manuals, content shared at überManuals should not be considered proprietary. überManuals makes all user manuals open to the community based on the concept of making every user manual available at a single source.

I have a question not listed here or an idea for überManuals – who do I see?
Send all questions or comments to feed...@ubermanuals.com. We appreciate any feedback, ideas or questions.